Preparing your home for sale

How you present your home, can have a big impact on how quickly it sells and even the price, so it is worth spending a bit of time maximising your kerb appeal.

Here are top 9 tips to prepare your home for sale.


Declutter your home

Clutter can make a space look smaller than it is and has been listed as one of the top buyer turn-offs. Look out for the following which often cause clutter:

  • Remove any piles of paper off the side
  • Reduce down the number of trinkets on shelves
  • Put bottles in the bathroom in a cupboard
  • Remove shoes from the hallway
  • Put kitchen appliances away
  • Ensure clothes are put neatly away

Remember, if you do a clear out now, there will be less to do when it comes to moving.


Have a spring clean

No matter which season you are in, a thorough clean is essential before viewings start. You might want to consider a professional cleaning company, or else give it a good scrub yourself. Pay particular attention to the bathroom and kitchen as if these will look newer when well cleaned.



Whilst a few family photos are fine, you want to allow potential viewers the chance to envisage the house as they might make it so try to depersonalise it a bit. Likewise, if your taste is very bold or particularly bright and colourful, is could be worth a quick paint in a neutral colour to maximise the number of people your home might appeal to.


Repair and restore

Take a walk around your house looking for anything that is broken. You might be reluctant to spend time and money doing DIY when you are moving, but a little DIY can go a long way and create a good impression with buyers. Look out for things like:

  • Dripping taps
  • Broken cupboards
  • Missing handles
  • Leaking roof
  • Scuff marks

You might not be able to fix them all, but it is worth finding out how much they take to fix as it could be a quick win. Remember, a little tester pot of paint is cheap and can help make rooms look new again.


Let there be light

Light is one of the key qualities many homeowners look for in a property. Luckily there are lots of things you can do to maximise this,

  • Draw your curtains and make sure your windows are clean so they let the full light in.
  • Replace any bulbs that have blown so all your lights work
  • In darker spacers consider turning on a table lamp or uplighter
  • Cut back any tree branches that are blocking out light
  • Consider repainting any dark rooms in a light, neutral colour

Pay attention to the outside

An unruly garden can put potential buyers off so don’t forget the outside.

  • Cut the grass
  • Cut back over hanging trees or plants if you can.
  • Power clean pathways
  • Remove clutter from your front or back door
  • Put your bins neatly away

Consider a bigger project

Before selling you might want to consider adding an extension, a loft conversion or modernising your kitchen. If you’re thinking of doing this, see our guide on how to add value to your home.


Ask a friend

Finally, ask an honest friend or family member to give you some feedback on what you could do to maximise the appeal of your home. Just remember, you’ve asked for their help, so be gracious in accepting their suggestions rather than offended.


Finishing touches

Think about your potential buyers first impressions when they arrive at the house.

  • If you’ve a parking space, consider moving your car around the corner so that the buyer can have this rather than struggling to find a parking space
  • Make sure you’ve made the bed, fluffed your pillows and do one final sweep round for last minute clutter
  • Let some fresh air into the house before they arrive or light a scented candle to ensure your home smells fresh
  • Remove pets and extra family members from the house so that they’ve the space and time to look around

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